Client Acquisition Storyboard

Client Acquisition: Persuasion Storyboard.pptx

Client Acquisition Strategy: Modes of Persuasion Storyboard

Tools: Google Slides

Time: 6 hours

Client: Demopoulos Law Associates (Fictional)-- A corporate law firm

Collaborators: Information drawn from,

This storyboard is for a Rise course that was developed as part of training for newer lawyers who need skill development marketing themselves to potential clients. The purpose of the course is to educate the learners about appealing to clients' ethics, emotions, and logic, along with helping them build the soft skills needed to increase client sign-on.

Please note: This training was developed for a hypothetical company for the purpose of gaining skills in Articulate Products. The results are fictional.

See the final product here.



The law firm's new hires were experiencing difficulty with signing on new clients. While various companies had expressed interest, few were moving to contract. A needs analysis revealed that new hires lacked knowledge about what sort of information potential new clients would be looking for and about effective persuasion strategies. Managers did not have time to devote to a full synchronous training, so instead asked that it be something the learners could do independently.


The course was designed in a way so that learners could move through the modules at their own pace. The interactive examples along with the scenario allow learners to see how these rhetorical appeals help respond to the questions and needs of potential clients. The checklist at the end of the training encourages both retention and application.


A week after the training was sent out, learners were asked to complete a survey about the course. 90% reported feeling more confident going into introductory calls with potential clients. After two months, the firm reported an increase in client retention for all associates who participated in the training, with the top 25% bringing in 3x more clients.