Pawsitive Beginnings

Pawsitive Beginnings

Tools: Canva

Time: 3 hours

Client: Pitter Patter Rescue and Adoption

Collaborators: N/a



The client was receiving many requests from potential adopters for information about successfully introducing new cats to their current pets. While the client reviewed this information in person, they were looking for something they could both hand out to the new 'parents' and post on their website for easy access.


I had a phone conference with the client in which I had them walk me through the steps they commonly suggest to adopters. From there, I distilled the information into a concise format. Using the company's branding colors and fonts, I created the graphic.


The client was pleased with the result. Their posting on social media and on their website has garnered positive feedback from their customers, who called it "straightforward" and "helpful."