Nearpod and Google Drive

Using Nearpod with Google Slides

Tools: Canva

Time: 3 hours

Client: Educators who had lessons in and were familiar with Google Slides

Collaborators: N/a



With the sudden move to online learning last March, many teachers were left scrambling, looking for ways to make their lessons more interactive, but sometimes feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of redoing all of their work. The goal of this project was to introduce a new tool without overwhelming the learners.


I had worked with Nearpod in the past, so I put together this simple job aid that demonstrated the simplicity of integrating Nearpod with Google Slides, the most common presentation tool used by teachers in the district.


Teachers were able to take their prior lessons and easily add interactive elements that normally would have been done face to face. Teachers reported increased student engagement and a heightened ability to catch misconceptions and misunderstandings about the material.