Indoor Cats Animated Infographic

Tools: Articulate Storyline

Time: 2 hours

Client: Pitter Patter Rescue and Adoption

Collaborators: N/a



The client frequently received pushback from potential adopters when reviewing their indoor-only adoption requirement. Adopters often felt that they were denying their cats a full life by 'cooping them up.' The client needed a way to change the attitude of potential adopters so that they understood why keeping the cat inside actually improved their quality of life.


During a phone call with the client, we reviewed the heightened dangers for outdoor cats. Since many first-time adopters believe that they should be letting their cats outside, the client and I agreed to start with the attention grabber "What do indoor cats miss out on?" before transitioning to the dangers. This would allow us to challenge the learner's preconceived notions.


The client was pleased with the result, especially that it was able to play on a loop. The client will be keeping track of how often she receives pushback from potential adopters and plans to report back in a month's time.