Communicating with SMEs

This is currently a work in progress. Click here to see the prototype.

Read on below to see my process.

Please note that this is course is based on a hypothetical prompt in which training timelines were being delayed due to a breakdown of communication.


The first step of effective instructional design is ensuring that whatever your solution is, it addresses the root cause of the problem. With this project, I drew on Cathy Moore's action mapping strategy to pinpoint why training projects were being delayed, what actions employees needed to be taking/why they weren't taking them, and how training could help.

The needs analysis determined that the delays were largely caused by miscommunication between the ID and the SMEs. IDs were often inefficient in their correspondence with SMEs, asking vague/repetitive questions and not managing project deadlines. When speaking to ID learners, many did not seem to know that they must be the ones to communicate the deadlines to SMEs.


In order to engage the learners, I created a scenario where they could develop problem-solving skills, see the consequences of their choices, and safely learn from trial and error. The scenario was linear, but each choice impacted the outcome. I also decided to drop learners right into the scene so they could draw on current knowledge and experience first and fill in whatever gaps they had after seeing the outcome, as self-directed learning leads to more intrinsic motivation to improve.

I briefly mapped out the choices and possible outcomes and wrote a script for the video introduction. Then, using Vyond and Word, I created a storyboard of the scenario introduction.

Following up with an SME.pdf


I developed the scenario introduction using Audacity and Vyond, implementing the project color scheme. I also developed a prototype of the scenario in Storyline to iron out the variables that would give learners individualized feedback based on their choices. During the process of creating the prototype, I added 4 additional outcomes.

The alpha prototype does not yet have standardized characters or animated scenes for the outcome slides, both of which are in production.

In addition after the first round of feedback, I've decided to implement several changes, including increased color contrast to improved readability and the option to 'end training' when users score a 75% or higher.